Restoring the Calm After the Storm

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It’s the time of year when storms and tornadoes start wreaking havoc on our homes and property here in beautiful Lake Geneva, WI, turning even the perfect house into a storm damage victim. When this happens, the number one priority should be to restore your home back to its previous glory.

Daleen Restoration Services is here to help you sleep peacefully again under your own roof. Being locals between Elkhorn, Burlington, Twin Lakes and Lake Geneva, our team is passionate about giving back to their community through expert storm damage repairs and assessment. We put these local insights to good use, understanding the needs of homes both in preparation of and after storms passing through.

Knowing What To Look Out For

It isn’t just heavy winds and tornados that can cause heavy damage to your home and landscaping. Even in the middle of summer, heavy storms can bring hail raining down on your roof and trees that can rip apart shingles and tree limbs alike.

Thunderstorms carry the potential for multiple types of storm damage. Large amounts of rain can cause heavy flooding, damaging your home’s foundation and basements along with everything in them. Areas prone to mudslides have the added concern of mudslides turning an already powerful force of nature into one that carries more weight and force.

What To Do When the Skies Clear

Lake Geneva, much like its neighbors Elkhorn and Twin Lakes, gets to enjoy full, distinct seasons and see nature go through its annual growth. With this idyllic scenery comes the trade-off of damaging storms throughout a large portion of the year.

Our storm damage services are here to help you focus on enjoying our community and natural beauty, even in the event that your home needs repairs. We work directly with you to assess the damages, figure out the best plan of approach and get your property back to the same or even better than it was before.

Where Daleen Restoration and Remediation Can Help You

Every job is approached with the utmost urgency as our years of experience have shown us that even if a storm is over, further damage can happen from weakened structures that are no longer able to provide the same support as before. This can be anything from a large tree branch slowly breaking off more and more to a porch awning that has lost one of its pillars and needs temporary support while a fix is done.

After our team of technicians has certified the area is safe, they’ll begin cleaning up the area and setting the stage for repairs. We can handle even the most devastating of storm damage, letting you reclaim your peace of mind and get back to your day-to-day life.

Whether you live in Twin Lakes, Elkhorn, Lake Geneva or Burlington, WI, Daleen Restoration is your local solution to all storm damage problems. Reach out today to find out more about how to prepare for storms and what we can do to fix any existing damage.


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