Keeping Customers After A Claim

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Keeping Customers After A Claim

Greetings, insurance agents! As a contractor in the restoration industry, I, Kevin Daleen, founder of Daleen Restoration & Remediation, understand the challenges you face in retaining customers and reducing claims ratios for your agency. In this weekly Blog, my aim is to equip you with valuable insights and actionable information that can benefit your business. By taking action on this information, you can improve customer retention and establish a smooth claims process. I’ll be addressing two common reasons why property claims often go wrong and how you can help address these issues. So, let’s dive in!

Coverage Exclusions / Policy Insights 

One of the major causes of anxiety for homeowners during the claims process is the uncertainty surrounding coverage exclusions or limits in their insurance policy. Many homeowners have little to no knowledge about the specifics of their policy, as they were simply sold it without much explanation.

Solution: Empower Homeowners with Policy Knowledge To alleviate stress and foster trust, it is crucial for homeowners to be informed about the coverage exclusions or limits before they file a claim. As an insurance agent, you can play a vital role in this process. We recommend conducting yearly policy review meetings with each customer, preferably in person. This proactive approach demonstrates that you, as their local agent, are there to guide them in an ever-changing insurance landscape where policies can be purchased online.

 Unqualified Contractors

The property restoration industry suffers from a lack of regulation, which leads to the proliferation of unqualified contractors. Many individuals with minimal equipment, experience or ethics claim to be “disaster recovery experts.” However, this poses a significant risk for both homeowners and insurance agents.

Solution: Connect Homeowners with Credible Contractors

Now more than ever, it is crucial to ensure that insured homeowners work with licensed, professional, and compassionate contractors. Homeowners require contractors who not only meet the industry’s best standards but also guide them through the claims process, protect their family and property, and genuinely care for them during their time of need. As the trend shifts toward using Third Party Administrator (TPA) vendor programs, it is essential to maintain a reliable network of smaller, family-owned contractors. This allows you to refer homeowners to trustworthy professionals when they file a claim or express dissatisfaction with their current contractor.


 Customized Information Packet for Your Customers

Our team is more than willing to create an information packet for your customers to provide guidance on vetting contractors and recognizing key qualities to look for. We will ensure that these packets are entirely branded with your company’s identity and can even handle the printing at no cost to you.

Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email if you have any further questions on improving the claims process for your customers, enhancing customer retention during and after a loss, or if you’re interested in our informational packet.

Stay tuned for more valuable insights in next week’s edition of our blog 

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