How To Prevent Water Damage When Pipes Burst

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With Wisconsin’s famous cold winters showing no signs of thawing, it’s a good idea for local homeowners to learn how to prevent water damage when pipes burst. Use these tips to help you in an emergency, whether it’s burst or frozen pipes causing the problem.

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How to Thaw Frozen Pipes

If temperatures outside are below freezing and there’s no water coming from your faucet, there’s a good chance your pipes are frozen. The solution depends on where the frozen pipe is located. Below is a quick guide to unthawing frozen pipes in various locations. Remember, the first step is always turning off your main water supply if a pipe has burst.


In case the burst pipes are located underground, don’t reach for your shovel straight away! You might be able to unfreeze the pipe with a strong jet of water directed through the pipe. To do this, you’ll need a submersible water pump and specific tubing to melt the ice dam. If you’re not experienced using these tools, we’d recommend getting in touch with a plumber.


First, ensure the faucet is turned to the on position to ease the pressure. Then, use something like a heat lamp or portable space heater directed at the pipe but no closer than 10-inches away to melt the ice in the pipe.

Behind a Wall

If the pipe is behind a wall, your best bet of unthawing it is to turn the thermostat up and allow it to heat the pipe gently and unfreeze the ice. In extreme cases, you might need to put a hole in the wall to thaw the burst pipe.

How to Prevent Water Damage From Burst Pipes

The best way to avoid water damage from burst pipes is to prevent them from bursting in the first place. Here are the best ways to prevent pipes from bursting on cold days:

  • Keep a faucet running on frigid days
  • Use space heaters or another source to warm colder areas of your property
  • Disconnect the outdoor faucet from your hose pipe
  • Consider installing heat tape
  • Ensure air leaks around dryer vents, wires, and pipes are sealed
  • Prevent areas in your house where water lines are located from falling below 32 degrees Fahrenheit

What to Do in Case of Water Damage

If it’s too late to prevent a burst pipe and water damage already occurred, you can take the following steps:

  • Identify the source of the water damage
  • Clean any standing water using a wet-dry vacuum
  • Dehumidify any remaining moisture
  • Sanitize the area thoroughly to prevent mold and other contaminants causing further damage
  • Speak to a professional about repair and restoration

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