How To Guard Against Water Damage From Flooding

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Flood season is quickly approaching in the Lake Geneva area. This time of year often brings structural damage, mold growth and other unwanted risks to homes. To ensure that your home is shielded from these harmful effects, it’s vital to prepare ahead of time. Doing what you can to protect your living space from harm will keep you from running into problems later on.

Here are some tips for safeguarding your home against water damage this flood season.

Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump is a critical tool for keeping excess water and mold damage at bay. Sump pumps are typically used to pump water out of your basement, which is particularly vulnerable to flooding. For extra protection, be sure to invest in a sump pump that comes with a battery backup. This will ensure that you have something to fall back on in case your home loses power.

Here are some tips for safeguarding your home against water damage this flood season.

Move Your Electrical Outlets

Electrocution is one of the most serious risks of water damage. If the water level begins to rise in your home, you want to ensure that no electrical outlets are close by. The best way to prepare for this situation is to move your outlets so that they’re at least one foot above flood level. This will help reduce the risk of electrical damage to your home.

Trim Your Trees

Before a storm targets your home, it’s a good idea to trim your trees so that they’re safely out of the way. Any tree branches that are hanging over your home might snap off and crash into your roof in the event of a storm. Not only can this put your living space at risk of serious structural damage, but it might also make the interior of your home more vulnerable to water and mold damage.

Protect Your Appliances

Water damage can also put your electrical appliances in harm’s way. To guard your appliances against damage, be sure to transfer them to a safe place before the storm hits. It’s a good idea to keep them properly elevated so that they aren’t impacted by any excess water. Be especially careful to keep your HVAC units above flood level, as these appliances may be severely harmed as a result of flooding.

Take the Right Steps to Prevent Water Damage

It’s crucial to be proactive in protecting your home from water damage before flood season starts. While these steps can help reduce the risk of harm, water and mold damage are often unpredictable. If you notice any signs of damage to your home, reach out to Daleen Restoration & Remediation to learn more about the various water restoration services that we offer. Our professionals are certified in emergency restoration, reconstruction and remodeling services and are prepared to address your needs.


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