How to Get Rid of Mold

How to Get Rid of Mold

Mold isn’t just unsightly in your home or business; it can be dangerous for both you and the property. How so? Mold can cause a variety of different health problems and it can compromise the structural integrity of your home. 

If you spot mold in your home, don’t panic. Mold can be removed! Most people find mold in their home or property at some point due to a buildup of moisture. Once you find mold, don’t ignore it as it can grow and spread throughout rooms, causing more health complications and property damage. 

At Daleen Restoration Services, we specialize in mold remediation. Our professional team can stop mold from spreading further, remove the current mold, and restore the areas affected by the mold so it will not occur again. For this blog article, we share how it is possible to remove mold from your home or property:

  1. Wear old clothes that can be washed/thrown away after removing the mold. 
  2. Wear an N-95 mask or P-100 respirator, goggles, long sleeves, pants, and gloves. 
  3. Put a box fan in the window to ventilate the room while working and throw it away when you’re done because the mold spores on the fan are difficult to clean off. 
  4. Remove the source of any moisture from the moldy area (leaks, etc.) 
  5. Double bag and wrap anything containing mold, like carpet. 
  6. Moisten moldy areas with water to control airborne spores. 
  7. Contain spores by turning off the furnace, AC, and closing ducts and doors. 
  8. Use commercial black mold removal products to disinfect the moldy areas. 
  9. Toss any sponges and other materials used to clean the mold in a garbage bag and throw away outside of the property. 

You should only consider removing mold on your own if it covers an area smaller than 10 square feet. However, if you spot black mold in your home, avoiding removing it by yourself and contact a professional. Black mold is more aggressive and dangerous than other types of mold. If you try to remove black mold by yourself (without proper knowledge and experience) you can put yourself and others at risk for serious health issues. Please note, DIY mold removal is not nearly as effective as professional mold remediation services. 

Mold remediation professionals, like our team at Daleen Restoration & Remediation, can handle large mold infestations, mold from flooding, mold in the HVAC system, mold growth on wood, and more. We have the expertise, skills, and experience to safely and properly remove the mold from your home or property. 

Call a Mold Remediation Company in Lake Geneva, WI

At some point in your life, you will likely find mold in your home. If it is not black mold and only consists of a few small patches, you can likely easily remove it on your own. However, if you find a lot of mold, especially if it is black mold, reach out to a professional mold remediation company in the Lake Geneva area to rid your home of mold and restore your property. 

At Daleen Restoration Services, our goal is to get your property back up and running fast no matter the cause of your mold. We will rid your property of mold no matter how big or small the problem. 

At your home, we work to stop the mold damage from getting worse using our expertise and tools. After we stop the problem and rid the home of every last bit of mold, we restore your property to its previous state, whether the mold is under the carpet, on the walls, in the basement, or any other area of your home. 

When you call Daleen Restoration & Remediation, we listen and take notes about the mold you found. We then send our team out to respond to your call. At your property, we work to stop the mold from spreading. After we stop the problem, we will work hard to get your property restored to its previous state. 

We do residential and commercial mold remediation services within a 35-mile radius of Lake Geneva, WI!

If your residential or commercial property has experienced mold damage, please call us. Our team is ready to be at your property at a moment’s notice.  

Daleen Restoration Services is a complete residential and commercial restoration service company for water, fire, and other disasters, located in and around the Lake Geneva, WI area. 

To learn more, visit our residential mold damage restoration services or commercial mold damage restoration services page.

To contact us, visit our contact page, or call us at 262-214-5021

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