Don’t Let a Storm Take Your Home From You

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Lake Geneva is no stranger to the sudden and dangerous storms that brew in the summer drags on, replacing a calm day at the lake with claps of thunder and torrential downpours. Each of these natural occurrences can cause storm damage. At Daleen Restoration, we have technicians and repairmen local to the area that make up our team. Coming from Lake Geneva or surrounding Elkhorn, Burlington and Twin Lakes, our team knows the landscape of the region and the storm damage that can happen.

Common Storm Systems Causing Damage

It’s always important to stay on top of the weather, even if you aren’t anticipating a rainy day. A bright day in Elkhorn, WI can end in storm damage from a cloud that turned into a thunderstorm seemingly in minutes. While lightning and strong winds are the standard concern when it comes to heavy storms, knowing what else is in store can help you prepare. Keep an eye out for:

  • Reports of heavy rain as this can lead to flooding and mudslides
  • Dry thunderstorms that produce lightning but little rain, starting fire that can quickly spread under high wind or tornados
  • Any signs of hail in a storm as even pea sized ice chunks can quickly grow to softball sized piece of hail

Each of these drive storm damage incidents more and more each year in Burlington, WI and the surrounding area. Our team having local families and homes means they know how to handle all of the above damages.

Why Daleen Restoration Is Your Local Go-to Repair Company

Storms don’t run on a schedule, sometimes arriving hours before or after they were said to be there. Our team understands this and offers 24/7 emergency services to start repairing your home as soon as the storm has passed. Allowing storm damage to go without a solution can lead to more damage over time on top of much lower service life out of your home’s components.

We use the latest information and methodology to identify and address storm damage even if it isn’t immediately noticeable. An in-depth assessment of this level helps both restore safety as quickly as possible while helping you during an insurance claim, helping you get what you rightfully need for your home.

Storm damage doesn’t stop at your house though. Our skilled restoration experts also check on nearby trees and structures that reside on your property, removing limbs or full trees that pose a danger of falling and causing further storm damage even after the sky has cleared up.

Don’t let the thought of tornadoes and storm damage worry you out of enjoying your home and the summer. Let our team of compassionate restoration experts at Daleen Restoration take care of your home immediately, no matter the time of day.

Find out more with us here online or over the phone to see what steps you can take to protect your home before the storm, or to restore the natural order after.


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