Common Signs of Water Damage to Your Home

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Water damage isn’t always visible to the untrained eye. While some of the consequences of excess water are immediately obvious, others tend to fly under the radar. That’s why it’s crucial to be vigilant when tracking down signs of damage in your home. Once you know how to identify these warning signs, you’ll be ready to take the next step and call for water restoration services.

Here are some of the most common indications of water damage to your home.


Damage caused by water often takes the form of dark or wet spots on your ceiling or walls. If you notice any unexplained stains in these areas, it is likely a result of excess water that has built up over time. Be sure to take note of the specific location of the stains, as this can clue you in to where the water damage originated.

Higher Energy Bills

If your energy bills have been going up without explanation, water damage is the likeliest culprit. Various problems, such as an ongoing leak, may be causing your bills to skyrocket. It’s crucial to have a trained professional identify the source of the problem so you can ensure that it’s addressed properly.

Unusual Sounds

When water damage isn’t visible, it’s usually audible. If you hear any dripping or running water, this often means there’s a problem hiding beneath the surface. These noises can be indicative of a leaky faucet, flooding or another issue. In addition, unusual sounds often signal that the problem has been going on for a while, so be sure to take action as soon as possible by calling for help.

Damp or Musty Smells

Your nose is also a good indicator of undetected damage in your home. Damp or musty smells often point to mold growth that has developed in your living space. It’s vital to address mold growth sooner rather than later, as ignoring this problem may lead to significant mold damage throughout your home.

HVAC Issues

Persistent moisture in your home can begin to impact your HVAC systems as well. If enough water builds up in your air conditioning or heating units, you might begin to notice wet spots or mold spores inside the appliances. As a result, your HVAC units may stop working as efficiently as they used to.

Address Water Damage Today

When left unaddressed, damage caused by flooding and storms can cause severe harm to your home. It’s vital to take immediate action to keep any damage under control before it starts to spread. If you’ve noticed any of these signs of harm in your living space, feel free to call Daleen Restoration & Remediation for top-notch water restoration services.


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