Assessing Mold Damage After a Disaster

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Flooding, fires, and blizzards are common household disasters. What many people may not realize is that there can be secondary damage to the house after the fact, in the form of mold. If your Elkhorn, WI, Burlington, WI, Twin Lakes, WI, or Lake Geneva, WI, house has suffered damage, you may need professional mold remediation and restoration service to help remove the mold and restore your structure.

What Causes Mold After a Disaster?

Excess water and standing water create an environment that’s perfect for mold to grow. If you have to evacuate your house, or if there is water damage from putting out a fire, be aware that your home may not be safe to live in until after it’s been inspected. There are a few disasters that lead to excess water in your home:

  • Flooding, or a large pipe leak in your house. 
    • This quickly fills the home with water, and you may not be able to remove it without professional help
  • Fire damage. 
    • If you’ve had a fire in the house, the water used to put it out can pool and puddle, which may lead to mold forming in parts of the home. Some of the exposed and unprotected beams and joists may be especially vulnerable
  • Blizzards and a fast snowmelt.
    •  Heavy snowfall puts excess pressure on your roof, which can cause leaks. If the snow melts fast, you can have a lot of water in your attic and in the exterior walls of your home, which creates mold

Mold and mildew can form as quickly as 24-48 hours after a flood, and once it’s present, it grows fast, especially in warm, poorly ventilated areas.


How Can I Fix Mold After a Disaster?

The first step to mold removal after a disaster is to remove the water and thoroughly dry out the affected areas. Then, you can assess the damage. Keep in mind that not all the mold will be visible, so you may wish to call a remediation service to inspect the house. At Daleen Restoration Services, we have specialized equipment that can detect the presence of mold, and be able to safely remove it without damaging the structure.

Remediation involves using special chemicals or abrasion techniques to completely eradicate the mold, and then restoration to seal the areas. Our expert team can help reduce the chances of mold re-forming, including by treating the affected areas with chemicals that retard mold growth.


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