Preparing Your Office for Returning Foot Traffic

Preparing Your Office for Returning Foot Traffic

Deep carpet cleaning is best done when your employees are not in the building. The holiday season or long weekends provide carpet cleaning services ample time to treat your carpet. As a certified carpet cleaning company, our team at Daleen Restoration & Remediation understands the importance of uninterrupted work hours. We know that the presence of a damp carpet would only distract your employees, so we perform our services during your downtime.  As a full-service carpet cleaning company, we at Daleen Restoration & Remediation provide services that will benefit you, your business and your employees.

Long Term Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  1. Maintaining the Health of Your Employees and the Integrity of Your Business

As a business owner, one of your top priorities should be the health of your employees. Another is the appearance and cleanliness of your business. Surprisingly, to some, there is a substantial connection between the two. Indoor pollutants are a leading cause of illness in an office setting. These pollutants include microscopic bugs, moisture, dust, and dirt that reside deep in carpets.

To significantly decrease your employees’ chances of contracting illnesses related to air quality, such as colds, sinus infections, asthma, and the flu, you must invest in carpet cleaning services near you. Absent employees mean a loss in business functionality and profitability. Consistent commercial carpeting cleaning is the easiest way to prevent this from happening.

  1.  Creating an Inviting Environment

The health and happiness of your employees are just as important as that of your clients. Beautifully maintained carpets create a welcoming atmosphere that your employees will be proud of while also telling potential clients that this is a respectable business that cares about even the smallest details. First impressions are usually held in the highest regard, especially if money is on the line. You do not want to lose customers because of exhausted carpets. A certified carpet cleaning service near you would help to ensure a golden first impression.

  1. Protect Your Investment, Thus Protecting Your Employees 

As a professional carpet cleaning company, we understand that high-quality carpet is not a cheap investment. We want you to get the utmost use out of your carpet and not have to replace it too soon because of wear. Hiring a professional service will protect your flooring investment the proper way.

 In Need of a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service for Your Business?

Our skilled technicians at Daleen Restoration take pride in our work to ensure our clients receive the most excellent carpet cleaning services. We understand how much of a damper a carpet emergency can put on you and your business, so we work fast to start the restoration process to give you peace of mind. We always put your commercial property first because your business is your investment, and we want to work with you to safeguard it. Please visit the services section of our website or contact us today for a free commercial restoration quote. 

To contact us, visit our contact page, or call us at 262-214-5021.

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